Dr. Ravin Sodhi

Why I Became A Chiropractor

“Growing up, I was always interested in health care. However, it was not until I attended a health seminar on alternative medicine that chiropractic was brought to my attention in an informative manner. It was there that I received my first chiropractic adjustment and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The lights within my body turned on, and with continual care, I have felt my mobility increase and my overall health has been at its best. The science of how the central nervous system controls every function of the body and the art of a chiropractic adjustment healing the body is phenomenal. The art, science and philosophy of chiropractic is a truth that always resonates with me and naturally became my calling.”

- Dr. Sodhi

Beginning Chiropractic College

Dr. Sodhi began his pre-chiropractic education at Sacramento State University in California where he studied the basic sciences. After completing his study there, he was accepted at Life Chiropractic College West located in Hayward, California where he received his doctorate of chiropractic (D.C.) in the summer of 2006. He practiced in California for 2 years and shifted to Canada in 2008 where he established Active Physiotherapy Brampton in Brampton, Ontario.

A Life Dedicated To Chiropractic

Dr. Sodhi is an active member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractic Association, California Chiropractic Association. He holds fellowships in physiotherapy through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Dr. Sodhi sees patients with many different conditions ranging from auto accident and work injuries, and wellness care, but has a special interest and extensive experience in motor vehicle accident and sports injury rehabilitation.


Outside of the Office

Dr. Sodhi continues his education and pursues clinical excellence by keeping up with new innovative techniques and technology to help his patients. Dr. Sodhi strongly believes in philanthropic endeavors and community building. He is available to speak to your company, school, or club on health related topics.

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