Foot Pain Physiotherapy
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Understanding Foot Pain

Foot pain can arise from various causes, stemming from the complex interplay of bones, ligaments, and muscles in the feet. These structures support our body weight and facilitate everyday activities such as walking, jumping, and running. Prolonged stress on the feet, often due to inadequate support, can lead to the development of foot pain, which may progress into conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat foot deformity
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Calcaneal spur
  • And more
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brampton foot pain treatment

Treatment Approach

At our clinic, physiotherapists specialize in addressing foot pain through a comprehensive approach. Treatment options aim to reduce and eliminate pain, incorporating various modalities and techniques:

  • Pain management utilizing therapeutic modalities
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Functional dry needling to target trigger points and improve muscle function
  • Hands-on/manual therapy to address joint and soft tissue restrictions
  • Joint and spinal mobilization techniques to enhance mobility and alignment
  • Individualized exercise programs focusing on range of motion, stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises
  • Soft tissue release techniques, including massage therapy as needed
  • Referral for X-rays if foot pain is severe or not improving as expected, to assist with diagnosis and prognosis

Exercises for Foot Pain

Exercise programs are tailored to each individual’s specific condition, needs, and goals. While a typical program may include range of motion, stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises, it’s crucial to customize exercises to address the root cause of the foot pain. During your assessment with our physiotherapist, your exercise program will be created to suit your unique requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes.

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