Why Physiotherapy Is Beneficial for Treating Various Medical Conditions


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON February 25, 2023

Physiotherapy uses a combination of physical therapy, exercises, and hands-on manipulation to help naturally treat a wide range of medical conditions. A customized treatment program is created based on the needs of the individual and their overall goals and objectives. The treatments can be adjusted and modified as conditions improve and the body becomes stronger.

Some of the medical conditions that can be treated using physiotherapy include:

  • Accidents and Injuries – Any type of accident or injury one experiences, whether it is from an auto accident, workplace accident, or sports injury, can benefit from physiotherapy. Treatments focus on recovery to the injured areas of the body, as well as rebuilding muscles and strength to avoid future injuries.
  • An Alternative to Surgery – Some people benefit from physiotherapy in place of surgery. Certain conditions can be treated so the patient recovers, all without having to undergo surgery. Keep in mind, that in extreme cases, surgery may still be required. However, physiotherapy also provides the added benefit of faster recovery post-operatively.
  • Increases Range of Motion – If you find that you are having problems bending over, stretching, or feel as limber as you used to, then physiotherapy could benefit you. Treatments are designed to help you improve your range of motion while becoming stronger.
  • Helps Increase Mobility – If you have problems moving, walking, standing, or other mobility issues, physiotherapy can help. Treatments and exercises are geared towards helping you increase the strength of the areas of your body that are currently limiting your mobility and movement.
  • Improves Stroke Recovery Outcomes – Strokes can cause people to lose varying degrees of movement and functioning. Physiotherapy can help treat affected areas in improves the potential outcomes.
  • Helps with Diabetes Management – If you have diabetes, physiotherapy can help you with an exercise and treatment plan to control and regulate blood sugar levels naturally.
  • Helps with Vascular/Circulatory System Conditions – Physiotherapy helps improve blood flow in the body with regular treatments. In turn, this can help resolve issues where various parts of the body are experiencing vascular and circulatory system problems.
  • Drug-Free Pain Relief for Pregnant Women – During pregnancy, there are a lot of medications that must be avoided. Fortunately, pregnant women can help alleviate back pain and other types of pain with physiotherapy treatments.
  • Helps with Blood Pressure Management – If you have high blood pressure, physiotherapy could help you reduce it naturally through treatments and exercises. By exercising, you improve blood flow, can lose fat, and improve circulation.
  • Helps Improve Pain Management – If you suffer from painful conditions, like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, physiotherapy treatments can help alleviate and reduce the severity of the pain you experience.

As you can see, physiotherapy can be used effectively to treat a wide range of medical conditions without medications or surgery. To find out more about physiotherapy treatment in Brampton and how it could benefit you, please feel free to contact Active Physiotherapy Brampton at (905) 458-6677 to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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