Tidying Up Without the Strain


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON December 13, 2023

Think about everything cleaning your home entails. After you finish picking up clutter, scrubbing surfaces clean, vacuuming, and more, it’s not uncommon to experience neck and back pain. What’s the key to tidying up without the strain on your musculoskeletal system?

In this guide, we offer easy cleaning tips and tricks so you can simplify your cleanup routine while preventing muscle pain. With these effortless organizing techniques, you can maintain a spotless home and remain healthy. 

Prepare Your Body

Experts always recommend doing a warm-up before jumping into any physical exercise. You might not be in the gym or on the athletic field, but cleaning your home is a physical activity that could lead to injury if you’re not careful. Warm up your body by doing any of the following exercises:

  • Walking around the house to get your blood flowing
  • Stretching your upper body
  • Gentle yoga practices that focus on your back and joints

Giving your body time to prepare for strenuous activity can greatly reduce any soreness you feel afterward. 

Avoid Carrying Heavy Loads

You might think that the best way to get a space clean is to remove large amounts of clutter at once. However, carrying heavy loads can put a huge strain on your joints and lead to injury. Whether you’re stowing away boxes of unwanted items or bringing your groceries in from the car, focus on lightening the load to prevent pain. 

Focus on Your Posture

The trick to tidying up without the strain is to maintain good posture. Try to avoid bending too much while vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping your floors. Maintaining a neutral spine position makes a huge difference in your comfort level once you finish your chores. 

Do Light Cleaning Every Day

Do you want to organize your space with ease? Experts suggest dividing the work into small 30-minute intervals every day. Rather than overworking your joints and muscles in one longer period, splitting up your tasks lets your musculoskeletal system remain strong. 

Some gentle decluttering strategies you can deploy include:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping the floors in one daily session
  • Cleaning bathroom surfaces separately
  • Picking up clutter throughout the house as a stand-alone project

Breaking up the work also means you’ll have more free time on your days off to spend with family and friends. 

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

If you’re right-handed and only use your dominant hand to scrub counters or dust surfaces, you’re bound to experience more pain and discomfort on that side. Try switching it up so your non-dominant hand does an equal amount of work. This helps prevent unwanted strain on your back and shoulders. 

Practice These Stress-Free Tidying Methods for Optimum Musculoskeletal Health

Utilize these tips for tidying up without the strain, and you’ll say “goodbye” to neck and back pain caused by household chores. If you endure a musculoskeletal injury that prevents you from doing basic tasks, turn to the team at Active Physiotherapy Brampton. We offer chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and other wellness services in Brampton to restore your health. 

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