6 Benefits of Physiotherapy After a Car Accident


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON March 5, 2023

Car accidents in the GTA occur every single day. Whether you are involved in a minor car accident, rear-ended, or a more serious accident, physiotherapy treatments can be beneficial in promoting healing and recovery.

One common car accident injury many people sustain is called whiplash. This condition is where there is pain in the shoulders, neck, and head. It can make it difficult to turn your head and cause other problems, such as headaches and dizziness.

Another concern with car accidents is injuries do not always present themselves immediately. It could be days, weeks, or even months before you notice pain and discomfort. Furthermore, not seeking treatment for car accident injuries could result in long-term pain and mobility issues.

Fortunately, physiotherapy can help and offers these great benefits:

#1: Physiotherapy can help reduce the likelihood of long-term pain.

The purpose of physiotherapy is to not only treat the current symptoms but the underlying causes. As a result, ongoing treatments help strengthen the body, improve recovery response, and ensures your body heals completely from car accident injuries.

#2: Physiotherapy helps promote faster recovery.

Living with pain, soreness, stiffness, the inability to turn your head, or other such symptoms after a car accident, and waiting for your body to heal naturally at its own pace, is never something you should have to ensure. With physiotherapy, treatments are designed to help speed recovery so you can get back to feeling better and pain-free faster.

#3: Physiotherapy could help prevent surgery for your car accident injuries.

Injuries that go untreated can create ongoing problems that could eventually require surgery to correct. By obtaining physiotherapy immediately after your car accident, it is possible to treat your injuries and avoid future complications that require surgery.

#4: Physiotherapy helps restore range of motion.

Mobility issues that were caused by car accident injuries can often be resolved with physiotherapy treatments. As you recover, you will notice your range of motion starts to improve as your body heals.

#5: Physiotherapy promotes physical activity to alleviate pain.

Most injuries are the result of damaged muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues. Regular movement and physical activity help move nutrients to the injured areas to improve recovery. Through prescribed exercises, your muscles become stronger and the pain starts to subside until it eventually goes away.

#6: Physiotherapy can be used to treat car accident injuries that were never treated.

If you were involved in a car accident, never sought treatment for your injuries, and are living in pain, discomfort, or have reduced mobility, it is never too late to start treatment using physiotherapy. Physiotherapy offers a noninvasive option to help you alleviate your pain. Plus, if you are currently taking prescription drugs for pain management, physiotherapy could even help you wean off these medications completely as you recover.

As evident, physiotherapy provides a holistic approach to treating car accident injuries. If you are in pain from a car accident or another type of injury, call Active Physiotherapy Brampton at (905) 458-6677 to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today!

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